Watch: “Sweet Munchies” Shares Glimpse Of Life’s Ups And Downs In Highlight Reel Ahead Of Premiere


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Upcoming JTBC drama “Sweet Munchies” has released a new highlight reel to raise anticipation for the drama’s premiere!

“Sweet Munchies” is a romantic comedy about a love triangle in which a man and woman fight over the same man. Jung Il Woo will be starring as celebrity chef Park Jin Sung, while former KARA member Kang Ji Young will be starring as variety show producing director (PD) Kim Ah Jin. “The World of the Married” star Lee Hak Joo will play the role of the successful designer Kang Tae Wan.

The highlight reel starts off with a bright and funky dance by the actors who are wearing colorful outfits. It’s like a mini musical as they dance away in Park Jin Sung’s bistro, Kim Ah Jin’s room, and Kang Tae Wan’s studio. The viewers will be impressed by their wonderful synchronization as they perform a group dance while laughing energetically.

The video also introduces the troubles of Park Jin Sung, Kim Ah Jin, and Kang Tae Wan. Park Jin Sung is desperate to do anything to keep his bistro, and he goes around borrowing money from acquaintances. He claims he needs to make money, and the screen switches to a sick figure in a hospital bed, giving viewers a hint that this must be the reason why he’s so determined to keep his bistro.

On the other hand, Kim Ah Jin tears up over her job where she just can’t catch a break. No matter how hard she tries, no one will give her a chance to succeed. Despite Kang Tae Wan’s fame as a well-known designer, he doesn’t have any happiness to look forward to, and he declares he has no intention of getting married.

However, things start to brighten up for the three lead characters as they become involved in each other’s lives. Through food and affection, they get closer together, and soon, they become entangled in a love triangle. Park Jin Sung panics that Kang Tae Wan may be in love with Kim Ah Jin too, but Kim Ah Jin witnesses a strange vibe between Park Jin Sung and Kang Tae Wan. At the end of the clip, she comes into the room to find Kang Tae Wan a little too close to Park Jin Sung, and flustered, she quickly offers to go buy coffee in order to leave the room.

Watch the highlight reel below!

“Sweet Munchies” premieres on May 25 at 9:30 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki. Check out the latest teaser for the drama here!

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